Schedule for Classes

Description :

Every student, a child or an adult, will get the opportunity to have one free trial class to determine which level they should be starting at. After signing up for a class, every student gets a FREE T-shirt. All students must wear this shirt to class, as it is considered uniform. Before each class, we spend the first five minutes of class stretching and warming up. Every class is an hour long, with a five minute break in between. A brief introduction is given to all new students about each bhangra step that they are learning with different variations of music (both old folk and modern Punjabi music). As students advance to higher levels more complicated formations are taught for the competitions and performances. All classes are entertaining, challenging and fun. Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never danced before, Bhangra is great way to make new friends, get a great work out and have fun. Be sure to bring water bottles and towels as necessary. It's a full body workout!

Classes Offered :

PBA BHANGRA ACADEMY offers co-ed classes to the kids of all ages. We have separate classes for adults. We offer classes for BHANGRA, DHOL & GIDDHA. If you still have additional questions, concerns or inquiries about PBA Bhangra Academy please contact us via email, text or phone.

Private Classes :

Classes for individuals or Groups. - Bhangra, Dhol and Giddha Classes. - Lessons to increase your rhythm and confidence on dance floor. - We can give private classes at your residence or any other place. - We offer single classes and private class package. For more info and pricing contact us

Online Classes :

At PBA Bhangra Academy, we believe that dance should be available to everyone. Due to the current situation we know it’s not possible for everyone to come and experience our classes in the studio, so we started our online classes. We’ll teach you dance at your home or anywhere you may be! These will be easy to follow online classes that teach Bhangra and our workout program. Please contact us for more information.