PBA Policies

Terms & Conditions

Tuition :

No Registration fee. Tuition fee is due at the second class and must be paid in full. No tuition fee is refunded. All private lessons must prepaid on policies, no exceptions. There is $25 fee on all returned checks. A 10% discount will be given to the Sibling.

Make up Classes :

If you miss a class due to vacation, illness, etc., you are able to take a make-up class. Please coordinate it with the instructor.

Holidays :

All Bhangra classes will be closed on major holidays, including Indian holidays. We will remind you one week before the holiday, so you are aware. If you have questions regarding closures due to snow or bad weather please call the studio.

Pick up And Drop off :

The students should not be left unattended, they are to be accompanied by an adult at the time of drop off. Students can't be dropped more than 10 minutes before the class. The parent should arrive a few minutes before the class, so they can see their child's progress. Due to safety reasons, all students must only leave with respective parents.

Attire :

To respect the platform, students are not allowed to wear shoes while dancing, and the free T-shirt provided should be worn to every class.