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Prab G Sandhu is a cornerstone for the Punjabi community and culture in New Jersey. Not only does he stand by his motto of Keeping The Culture Alive, but he teaches everyone from young children to adults values essential in life that can translate over from Bhangra. The classes are perfectly coordinated/choreographed. He caters to every individual's needs, willing to go the extra mile to help them, motivate, and support them. I would highly recommend children or adults whether beginner or expert to join PBA. With over 20 + years of experience and a team dedicated to Bhangra and its culture, there is no one better.

Bikramjit Benipal, (Student)

- It’s such a pleasure to have Sandhu Paji teach Bhangra to our kids. He went above and beyond to teach our kids.He’s an awesome teacher who taught our kids the real value of Bhangra. He teaches not only Bhangra but the most important values that include discipline and respect for this art. He’s a passionate teacher who has compassion to teach our kids for the sake of keeping our culture alive. I would highly recommend this academy as my daughter is turning out to be a great Bhangra performer. Above all, Sandhu Paji takes initiative to organize an annual mela which gives kids an opportunity to perform on a bigger stage. THE BEST BHANGRA ACADEMY!!

Manpreet Kaur , (Parent)

- Got to perform at Mela and had so much fun. Positive energy on the stage and on the back stage was amazing! Thank you PBA for giving me a platform to perform and special thanks to Prab Virji for being an awesome Bhangra teacher. Virji is an amazing personality! Love his ever Jolly nature and his style of teaching. Thanks for being patient with a first timer like me, and thank you for making my dream come true!!

Simmi Oberoi, (Parent / Student)

We have been going to PBA for past 4 years and what a difference it had made in my kids who didn't know Bhangra at all. Now they all are not just learning culture dance but enjoy competing as well . Coach Prab is doing awesome effort to connect new generation with their roots with one thread of our rich punjabi culture called BHANGRA !!!!

Kuljit Gurm , (Parent)

My daughter started taking lessons at PBA Bhangra Academy this summer and has been enjoying it a lot. The children there are entusiastic and very kind to one another and the teacher, Mr. Sandhu, is very patient and energetic. The songs are great, full of meaning. What I love about PBA Bhangra Academy is that it feels all like one big family

Priya Pithani, (Parent)

Great program! My son has picked up so much in only few classes and has developed interest in Bhangra. The instructor (Prabh bhaji) is a great teacher and the whole Sandhu family is genuinely very dedicated to keeping the Punjabi culture alive. Extremely happy with everything. Keep it up, bhaji!!

Manpreet Grewal, (Parent)

PBA Bhangra orchestrates a collegiate and amazing learning experience. Mr. Prab shows all steps very clearly and fluently with helpful consideration for the previous experiences of the individual. PBA constitutes an apt and familial environment with individualistic attention. Without exception, it provides a Bhangra experience better than any other academy or current program to date with many dance opportunities such as performances and competitive competitions. There were multiple benefits from joining PBA Bhangra, first and foremost expanding and influencing the culture of current generations.

Lovejot Singh , (Student)

I think PBA Bhangra Academy is very fun and provides many opportunities for eve-ryone, from young 5 year olds to teens to adults. It’s educational, fun and is big happy family environment. Our teacher is very dedicated and hard working. I feel a lot more attached and knowledgeable about my culture. I made new friends and gained more confidence by performing at many events. This Academy has given me the opportunity to learn new things and experience Bhangra like never before.

Rumkan Caur , (Student)

I think PBA Bhangra is an excellent school. What I like about it is that it is a fun of learning about my culture. I love the teaching style which is clear, thorough and easy to understand. PBA Bhangra is an awesome school with a great teacher and I learn a lot. What I benefit from PBA is that I get closer to my roots. PBA Bhangra has taught me so much about my cultural dance and instruments used in Bhangra. I certainly hope to learn more. PBA is great school because it teaches me Bhangra while I am in America and away from Punjab.

Suhail Gurm, (Student)

I think PBA Bhangra Academy is a great Academy to learn Bhangra. Our teacher Prab Sandhu is very nice and understanding. He teaches the steps in a very simple way so it is easy to learn. It's a great place to do full body exercise. Also its a good place to make new friends and stick to our Punjabi culture in different country.

Simranjot Mann, (Student)

There is a saying 'distance makes the heart grow fonder'. You miss your roots when you are farthest away from your homeland. PBA Bhangra is absolutely phe-nomenal. My daughter and I both take lessons from PBA Bhangra. PBA Bhangra is playing a vital role of connecting young American children of all ages with their Punjabi roots. Words cannot describe the power of Bhangra music. It's fast, it's ex-citing and it never gets boring. I highly recommend PBA Bhangra!
What did you benefit from joining PBA Bhangra?
- Made new friends - 1 hour a week of guaranteed cardio work out :) - Gives me an opportunity to stay connected to my roots - A valuable lesson called 'team work'

Sunny Manku, (Parent/Student)

I found out that PBA Bhangra was a key to keeping me active. Their environment values who you are and your creativity. In PBA Bhangra Academy I learned that a good teacher can change everything. What benefits me from joining PBA Bhangra is that it has made me more motivated into learning the Punjabi Culture through dance. The teacher honors each dancer’s individual talents, and it has specifically benefited me to keep trying harder. It also has taught me to have self confidence.

Anshela Jaramillo, (Student)

I really enjoy doing PBA Bhangra . It is a great experience and I look forward to class everyday. We have a lot of fun and learn so much at the same time. We have amazing teachers and they always encourage me to put my best effort in everything I learned. I benefit a lot from doing PBA Bhangra. Throughout life you will always remember the moves. Later on you will look back and remember all the things you learned about Bhangra and our culture. Joining this will have great benefits in the future.

Harshdeep Singh, (Student)

I think PBA Bhangra is doing a great job for future generations. I just joined the academy and I am so thankful to veer Prab Sandhu. For me, Bhangra is every-thing, but at the same time is great exercise and keeping our culture alive. I like it and to be true it makes me feel like I am in Punjab.

Ajitpal Singh, (Parent/Student)

I like dancing and learning new awesome moves every Sunday when I come to Bhangra. It is super fun!!! I also made new friends and have an incredible Bhangra teacher. PBA Bhangra is good for stretching and exercising and it helps me more with dancing and getting to know Indian culture BETTER!!!

Sanath Bhavankar, (Student)

Dear Prab,
I visited your website and it is awesome. You deserve heartiest congratulations for having worked so hard and on having achieved great heights in such a short span of time. I truly appreciate your devotion and dedication in setting PBA Bhangra Academy and your perseverance and consistent efforts to ensure desired progress in this field of promoting our cultural heritage. We're proud of you. We would sincerely wish and look forward to see your organization growing from strength to strength. My family and I convey best regards to you, your family and your team!

Lal Singh Dhaliwal